A bit about me...

I’m a bit of a Google Earth nerd—always researching locations in hopes of finding the ideal photoshoot setting. I like to think that people are as a beautiful and diverse as nature herself. Of course, then, a craft which involves capturing love between people in nature is a dream! I believe my job as a couples photographer is to show that which is unique about the bond between you and your partner. How do we get there? Trust and a willingness to laugh at ourselves are usually key to capturing you.


I’m native to Utah. Here I’ve developed a deep relationship with open fields and mountain vistas. I thrive in summer months when the wildflowers are on display. Before full-time photography, I worked under botanists and florists, which taught to ‘respect the roots and adore the blooms’. These values shape my photography editing style—a style which is cultivated in love of color. In every album, I aim to balance rich colors and true skin tones. This is my trade. I believe this aesthetic is beautiful in both the present and the future.


I hope to be part of your journey and that you might be part of mine!