Common Questions

What is the turn around time for full wedding galleries?

I deliver my wedding galleries at 6 weeks after the wedding day and 8 weeks in summer months of wedding season! I throughly look over my wedding albums with fresh eyes and will continue to tweak my edits until I feel the album is ready. Here I strive to deliver beautiful albums that have a unique and consistent look that will prove timeless over the years.

For other shoots like couples sessions I return albums within 2-3 weeks.

Do you send previews of galleries?

I do not send sneak peeks, but here is why! In my experience I have found that after looking over an album a few times, I usually end up tweaking edits slightly. It is important to see the full album from start to finish. It is my hope that you will be able to experience looking through your wedding album for the first time at its fullest so you can experience the memories and emotions of the day!

How do you edit your photos? What is included in your editing process?

I work both in Lightroom and Photoshop to retouch and edit photos. I work from my own custom set of presets that I have developed. I do not copy and paste over each image. Each image is looked over and adjusted individually.

I do not photoshop bodies. I believe all shapes and sizes are beautiful. That said, I believe in re-touching not re-sizing. Some of the tools I use to re-touch images are: eye bright, skin softening, teeth whiting, blemish removal, highlight/shadow corrections and spot removal.

How many photos do you deliver?

Depending on the package will determine the amount of photos in the album. The longer the day/shoot the more photos will be included. I am very particular about the images I send back in an album. I feel it is my job as an artist and photographer to deliver top notch images from the day.

It is unusual for me to send more than one photo that was taken in the same spot... for example if I am taking detail shots of the reception, I am only going to included the best of the best in the final album. I tend to describe this as I am not sending back a camera roll but rather an album that has been thoughtfully put together and hand crafted by me. There will be plenty of high-quality photos to enjoy!

Do you give out RAW or unedited photos from your shoots?

I do not give out raw or unedited photos from my shoots!

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