Romantic Arizona Backyard Wedding

Hannah and Bryce were married in the most romantic backyard in November! I remember being completely stunned by the floral wall instillation when I arrived to meet the bride and groom. The floral wall transformed the entire feeling of their wedding ceremony. Hannah and Bryce kept to the tradition of not seeing each other until the processional of the wedding ceremony.  The way Hannah gracefully walked down the aisle by her dad to meet Bryce in front of the floral wall. A harpist serenaded throughout the ceremony! Every minute was packed with beauty and emotion. I find these moments to be so peaceful for everyone involved. The feeling of unity was incredibly powerful an

As for the reception, the ceremony site was completely transformed within a matter of minutes by the wedding team to prepare the guests for a candle lit dinner. Over 400 candles were lit sweeping the long banquet tables with a warm inviting glow. The romantic evening turned into a bustling celebration by nightfall. Hannah and Bryce danced so much that they even got their grandmother out on the dance floor!

Hannah and Bryce ran through the sparkler line and kissed under confetti bombs. One of my favorite sparkler send offs to date. I can’t get over how much they are laughing and smiling throughout this entire album. It was such a treasure to be able to capture this stunning day filled with emotion!

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